Create a Rust-Effect within seconds!
Our Vintage Effect Spray Rust for decorative objects.
Quick-drying with a high degree of covering power for indoors and outdoors.
Gives surfaces of wood, MDF, paintable plastic, canvas, metal, cardboard, glass, porcelain, terracotta, etc. a rough surface texture in rust-look.

Suitable for use on polystyrene.

environmentally friendly



For color designing of flowers and plants.

Preserves the natural structure of the flowers and leavesand prevents
premature wilting.

Quick-drying and particularly efficient.


environmentally friendly

100% odorless


wide range of semi gloss, highly opaque quick-drying acrylic paint for professional application in floristics and decoration.
The sprays do not run down on vertical surfaces. Dust dry within minutes.

environmentally friendly



In 7 colors made from natural raw materials.

Washes out easily and dries quickly. For the temporary decoration, marking and customisation of windows, advertising media, slides, tarmac, concrete, sand, wood, turf, etc. With a specially designed nozzle for vertical and horizontal surfaces; perfect for stencilling.

Lackspray hochglänzend 400ml

High gloss lacquer spray for floristic and decorative accessories.
Turn simple accessories into brilliant preciosities!
For objects made of plastic, porcelain, glass, metal, cardboard, paper, wood, etc.

Porous surfaces must be pretreated with varnish.

environmentally friendly


Bold daylight fluorescent colours in orange, red, yellow.
The colours have a high luminosity in daylight.
Create special effects by illuminating with black light (UV light) in the dark.
Interesting for discotheques, stage and shop window decorations.
Can also be used as marking spray in road construction and forestry.

environmentally friendly


Effect sprays that let you achieve a velvety glow on the sprayed objects.

environmentally friendly 

Shiny protective coating for all kinds of decorations.

Increases blow and scratch resistance.

Ideal for the pre-treatment of absorbing surfaces like cardboard, terracotta, etc.


For versatile application. Frosts glass and shop windows (etched glass effect) architectural plans (reflection-free protection for transparent papers) and shiny lacquered surfaces. A tip for photographers: the matte finish prevents undesired reflexes and hot spots in product photography. Standard high-gloss papers receive
a matte and reflection-free surface by spraying with matte spray, like the paper used in portrait photography, for example.