(Dipl.-Kffr.) Birgit Adam joined the company in 1996.
She took over the business in 2004 and has been the sole managing director ever since.
Through long-term predictive planning and gradual transfer of strategic responsibilities to the third generation succeeded, which is not always easy: the continuous continuation of a traditional family business and securing industrial jobs in Berlin.
The main focus of the management is on developing in-house development expertise to ensure the flexibility and short reaction time to trends and ideas required today.

With its own research projects, Union Spray GmbH regularly participates in EU funding programs.


Sommer 1948

The western sectors of Berlin are cut off from rural and water supply by the Soviet military administration.

The Berlin Mayor Ernst Reuter appeals in his famous speech to the peoples of the world: "Look at this city!"

Although the future is anything but secure, the brothers Günther and Herbert Adam venture in the year of the Berlin blockade to start a business in the enclosed city: the company Union Chemie Produkte GmbH. They are thus continuing a family business that had already made a name for itself in the imperial era with the production of chemical products under the name Union-Seifenfabrik in Falkensee, just outside the capital of the former Reich. But the factory is lost, it is in the Soviet sector.

Now entrepreneurship is needed. The only capital of the brothers at this time is their expertise and a greater stock of valuable fragrances, which could be saved over the crisis period. Union Chemie is one of the first companies in Germany to rely on aerosol technology right from the start. Initially, fragrance sprays are produced, which are sold mainly to doctors' practices, flower shops and movie theaters for room air improvement. Many florists are increasingly asking for color sprays for fast coloring and refreshing of dried flowers and ceramics. They want to be able to react flexible and uncomplicated to the special seasonal color wishes of their customers. Also for this purpose, the new technology, which moves in the course of the fifties, especially with the hair spray in the households, proves to be excellent. The core business of Union Chemie emerges from this market: supplying wholesalers for florists and decoration with high-quality color and effect sprays. And while Berlin is once again at the center of world history with the construction of the Wall in August 1961, the family business continues to develop.

Despite difficult conditions in the island city of Berlin (West), Union Chemie supplies customers in West Germany from Bavaria to Schleswig-Holstein, and soon also across Europe. The company always stays at eye level with its customers and can thus directly respond to current color trends and special customer needs. Since 1989, sprays with environmentally friendly, CFC-free propellants have been bottled at the company's current location in the industrial district of Berlin-Reinickendorf. Union Chemie GmbH was one of the first companies to pass the EU eco-audit and was certified accordingly in December 1995. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the market expanded rapidly, and in the 1990s customers were added to the new German states and Eastern Europe. Increasing demand in 2007 required the expansion of existing production facilities with a modern filling station for canisters. Technical innovation and entrepreneurial spirit have been and still are the most important asset of the family business, which has been run by Birgit Adam in the third generation since 2004. First and foremost, it is about recognizing trends in good time and providing customers with the products they need - today and 60 years ago.