All our paints, lacquers and special products are available as liquids in different sizes of containers. We also create your favourite colour and fill your product in containers.

Environmental protection and quality assurance is our focus.

We place special importance on offering non-hazardous products free of toxic substances. They are free of CFC propellants and do not contain heavy metals such us plumb, cadmium or chrome. In order to keep our products up to date all components of our formulations are continuously checked in terms of environmental impact and EU legal regulations such as REACH. We are open to your "spraying" ideas and we will advise you individually.

Anything goes! Your spray brand in a small edition is no problem for us.

We will also help you to design label and can printing.

We translate your idea into a spray can.
Benefit from our know-how and our long tradition in developing.

We offer our own formulations for the sectors of household, technics, DIY, house and garden, plant protection, etc.

We provide the pre-commercial development of your product.